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Rose Quartz Facial
Our most decadent facial experience!
Roll your way to stunning skin with this luxurious performance facial targeting firmness, lines & wrinkles. Activated with smart peptide Heptapeptide-7 with advanced cosmeceuticals and an anti-ageing vitamin complex in a nurturing infusion of pure rose oils, crushed quartz and crystal essences. Enjoy a rose infused iced tea martini before being whisked away in a rosy cloud of deliciousness. Treatment finishes with calming & cooling rose quartz rollers to lock in moisture completing your skin oasis. Ideal for all skin types!

1 Hour $115

Rose Quartz Ritual

Awaken and align your mind & body with this soulful ritual incorporating a purifying Botanical Footbath, sumptuous Rose Quartz Facial

& Refresh Back Massage



1 Hour 45 mins


Our Signature Ritual!



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